cmna-logo2001CMNA III - Acapulco

Saturday, 9 August 2003


CMNA III was held with IJCAI 2003 in Acapulco.

Accepted papers were:

Persuasive Negotiation for Autonomous Agents: A Rhetorical Approach Sarvapali D. Ramchurn,  Nick R. Jennings, Carles Sierra

A Generalisation of Parsons' and Jennings Theory of Argument Graham White

Persuasion Models for Intelligent Interfaces Marco Guerini, Oliviero Stock, & Massimo Zancanaro

Evaluating User-Tailored Evaluative Arguments Giuseppe Carenini

Towards an Empirical Model of Argumentation in Medical Genetics Nancy Green

A Conversational Agent System as a Test-Bed to Study the Philosophical Model ‘DC' Tangmin Yuan, David Moore, & Alec Grierson

From Arguments to Hints - A Didactic Perspective on Deductive Reasoning Helmut Horacek

Gradual Acceptability in Argumentation Systems Claudette Cayrol, & Marie-Christine Lagasquie-Schiex

BDI and BOID Argumentation Guido Boella & Leendert van der Torre