CMNA IX - Pasadena

Monday, 13 July 2009


CMNA9 was a one day workshop with IJCAI 2009 in Pasadena.

Accepted papers were:

Long papers

Kenneth McLeod, Gus Ferguson and Albert Burger. Using Argumentation to resolve conflict in Biological Databases

Amin Rahati. Persuasive Argumentation in a Medical Diagnosis Tutoring System

Douglas Walton. Enthymemes and Argumentation Schemes in Health Product Ads

Martin O. Moguillansky, Nicolás D. Rotstein, Alejandro J. Garcia, Marcelo A. Falappa and Guillermo R. Simari. Argument Theory Change Through Defeater Activation

Short papers

Wassila Ouerdane, Nicolas Maudet and Alexis Tsoukias. Discussing Proof-Standards in the Context of Multicriteria Decision-Aiding

Helena Lindgren. Clinical Diagnostic Hypothesis Generation and Evaluation as Formal and Natural Argumentation

Mare Koit. Interaction with the Computer: How to Model Argumentation?

Simon Wells, Colin Gourlay and Chris Reed. Argument Blogging

Saul Wyner, Erin Shaw, Taehwan Kim, Jia Li and Jihie Kim. Sentiment Analysis of a Student Q&A Board for Computer Science

System Demonstrations

Jakub Gawryjolek, Chrysanne DiMarco and Randy Harris. An Annotation Tool for Automatically Detecting Rhetorical Figures