CMNA XI - San Francisco

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Back where it all started, in 2011 CMNA was again in San Francisco, this time as a half day worskhop with AAAI.

Proceedings were published by AAAI.

An invited talk was delivered by Chrysanne DiMarco, and Randy Allen Harris, from the University of Waterloo, titled: The RhetFig Project: Computational Rhetorics and Models of Persuasion

Accepted papers were:

Nancy Green, Brian Stadler, and Jennifer Kimbrough. Adding Affective Argumentation to the GenIE Assistant.

Pranav Anand, Joseph King, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Earl Wagner, Craig Martell, Doug Oard, and Philip Resnik -  Believe Me – We Can Do This! Annotating Persuasive Acts in Blog Texts.

Ricky Sethi and Yolanda Gil. A Social Collaboration Argumentation System for Generating Multi-Faceted Answers in Question & Answer Communities.

Katarzyna Budzynska and Chris Reed. Speech Acts of Argumentation: Inference Anchors and Peripheral Cues in Dialogue.