cmna-logo2001CMNA II - Lyon

Monday, 22 July 2002


CMNA II was the first of the alternate series ECAI/IJCAI. This was held with ECAI 2002 in Lyon. Good participation (around 20 attendees) and lively discussions, aptly facilitated by an interesting Panel.

The accepted papers were (proceedings volume can be downloaded here):

# "Logic of Probabilistic Arguments”, Subrata Das

# "Human-Computer Debate: a Computational Dialectics Approach” , Tangming Yuan, David Moore and Alec Grierson

# "Argumentation Schemes and Defeasible Inference”, Doug Walton and Chris Reed

# "Encoding Schemes for a Discourse Support System for Legal Argument” , Henry Prakken and Gerard Vreeswijk

# "Clues for Reconstructing Symptomatic Argumentation”, Francisca Snoeck Henkemans

# "Counterexamples and Degrees of Support”, Claude Gratton

# "Argumentation within Deductive Reasoning”, Armin Fiedler and Helmut Horacek

# "Argumentative Deliberation for Autonomous Agents”, Antonis Kakas and Pavlos Moraïtis

# Discussion Panel

Introduction: Natural is Uncertain, Emotional, Deceptive and Other Still. But: How to Get it? Position paper and Questions Fiorella de Rosis