Friday, 13 June 2013


After a lively discussion at the end of the 2012 edition, continued online on CMNA linkedin group, it was decided to turn CMNA into a peripatetic event, reaching out to different communities with an interest in argumentation. 

CMNA 13 was therefore a joint workshop of the International Conference on AI in Law (ICAIL) and the Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP) both located in Rome in June 2013.

A thought provoking invited keynote was delivered by Fabio Paglieri, from CNR, Rome, titled Argumentation, Decision and Rationality.

Accepted papers were:

Mark Snaith, Rolando Medellin, John Lawrence and Chris Reed. Arguers and the Argument Web.

Simon Wells. Towards a Foundation for Comprehensive Argumentation Scheme Support in Argumentative Dialogue Games.

Tangming Yuan and Simon Wells. ProtOCL: Specifying dialogue games using UML and OCL.

Floris Bex and Trevor Bench-Capon. Arguing with Stories.

Katarzyna Budzynska, Mathilde Janier, Chris Reed and Patrick Saint-Dizier. Towards Extraction of Dialogical Arguments

Latifa Al-Abdulkarim, Trevor Bench-Capon and Katie Atkinson. Dialogues in US Supreme Court Oral Hearings

Maria Garcia-Villalba and Patrick Saint-Dizier. Opinion Analysis and Argumentation: Identifying and Characterizing Inferences between Evaluative Expressions and Arguments.

Daniela Fogli, Massimiliano Giacomin, Fabio Stocco and Federica Vivenzi. An Experience in Documenting Medical Discussions through Natural Argumentation.

Esteban Guerrero, Juan Carlos Nieves and Helena Lindgren. ALI, an Assisted Living System Based on a Human-Centric Argument-Based Decision Making Framework.


Juyeon Kang and Patrick Saint-Dizier. Requirement Mining in Safety Documents.