CMNA IV - Valencia

Monday, 23 August 2004


CMNA IV was held with ECAI 2004, in Valencia, Spain, as a two-day workshop.

Accepted papers were:

Long Papers

"Towards a Formalization of Skepticism in Extension-based Argumentation Semantics” Pietro Baroni, Massimiliano Giacomin and Giovanni Guida

"Modelling Naturalistic Argumentation in Research Literatures”, Victoria Uren, Simon Buckingham Shum, Clara Mancini and Gangmin Li

"Modelling Argumentation with Belief Networks",  Valeria Carofiglio

"Argumentation and Data-oriented Belief Revision: On the Two-Sided Nature of Epistemic Change” Fabio Paglieri and Cristiano Castelfranchi

"Argumentation Schemes and Burden of Proof” Henry Prakken, Chris Reed and Douglas Walton  

"An Assessment of Dialogue Strategies for a Human Computer Debating System, via Computational Agents” Tangming Yuan, David Moore and Alec Grierson 

Short Papers

"Justifying Practical Reasoning", Katie Atkinson, Trevor Bench-Capon and Peter McBurney

"Towards a Computational Model of Analogical Arguments”, Amy Bohan and Mark T. Keane

"The EthnoAgent", Daniel Donato

"Persuasive Strategies and Rhetorical Relation Selection",  Marco Guerini, Oliviero Stock and Massimo Zancanaro

"Elements of a Social Semantics for Argumentative Dialogue", Rodger Kibble

"Argumentation in the Agreement Negotiation Process: A Model that Involves Natural Reasoning", Mare Koit and Haldur Oim

"Computer supported collaborative argumentation", Maxime Morge 

Poster Presentations

"Threat, reward and explanatory arguments: generation and evaluation", Leila Amgoud and Henri Prade

"Developing Argumentation Positions", Trevor Bench-Capon and Paul E. Dunne

"Persuasion Strategies in Dialogue",  Guido Boella, Joris Hulstijn and Leendert van der Torre

"Uncertainty in Metaphorical Reasoning", Alan Wallington and John Barnden