CMNA XIV - Kraków 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

 CMNA 14 was a workshop of JURIX 2014, the 27th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems, and was a joint workshop with the 1st International Workshop for Methodologies for Research on Legal Argumentation (MET-ARG), in the beautiful winter backdrop of Kraków.

Accepted papers were:

Tom Blount, David Millard and Mark Weal.  Towards Modelling Dialectic and Eristic Argumentation on the Social Web.

Yijun Yu, Paul Piwek, Thein Than Tun and Bashar Nuseibeh.  Towards Explaining Rebuttals in Security Arguments

Tangming Yuan, Suresh Manandahar and Simon Wells.  Using Code Generation to Build a Platform for Developing and Testing Dialogue Games

Giovanni Sileno, Alexander Boer and Tom Van Engers.  Approaching Factors and Dimensions with Explanation-Based Argumentation

Simon Wells.  Argument Mining: Was Ist Das?

Helmut Horacek.  Gathering and Using Linguistic Evidence for Determining the Scope and Role of Natural Language Arguments

Marcin Koszowy and Douglas Walton.  Exploring appeals to modesty in the ad verecundiam technique.

Paolo Torroni and Simone Gabbriellini.  Capturing Bottom-Up Argumentation.