CMNA VII - Hyderabad

Sunday, 7 January 2007


The seventh CMNA moved to beautiful Hyderabad, with IJCAI 2007. It also moved to an unusual time of the year, and despite being held within less than a semester from the previous edition, it had a great turnout, and the usual lively discussion.

The invited speech was aptly delivered by Leila Amgoud, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France.

Accepted papers were:

Persuasion Dialogues in Agent Communication Languages: Propositional vs Action Commitment and Concessions.  Guido Boella, Rossana Damiano, Joris Hulstijn and Leendert van der Torre

Pragmatics and Social Interaction of Conditional Influencing Promises and Threats. Cristiano Castelfranchi and Marco Guerini

Coalitions of arguments in bipolar argumentation frameworks Claudette Cayrol and Marie-Christine Lagasquie-Schiex

Argumentation Protocol based on Social Exchanges Marcia Hafele Islabao Franco and Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa

A computational approach to identifying formal fallacy. Alex Gibson, Glenn Rowe and Chris Reed

Collaboration and Antagonism in Estonian Spoken Dialogues: Corpus Analysis Mare Koit

Modality-based Argumentation Using Possibilistic Stable Models Juan Carlos Nieves, Mauricio Osorio and Ulises Cortes

What do we argue for? A goal-oriented taxonomy of the uses of argument Fabio Paglieri and Cristiano Castelfranchi

On Building Argumentation Schemes Using the Argument Interchange Format Iyad Rahwan, Chris Reed and Fouad Zablith

Argunet : A software tool for collaborative argumentation analysis and research David C. Schneider, Christian Voigt and Gregor Betz

A computer game for abstract argumentation Tangming Yuan, Viðar Svansson, David Moore and Alec Grierson