CMNA VIII - Patras

Monday, 21 July 2008


Back to the usual period of the year, CMNA8 was a one day workshop with ECAI 2008 in sunny Patras, and what a fitting location for an argumentation event!

Accepted papers were:

Slate: An Argument-Centered Intelligent Assistant to Human Reasoners Selmer Bringsjord, Joshua Taylor, Andrew Shilliday, Micah Clark, Konstantine Arkoudas and Sangeet Khemlani. 

Hybrid Reasoning with Argumentation Schemes Tom Gordon

Dialectical Argumentation in Causal Domains Nancy Green

Utilizing compression and refinement to handle large cases in crime analysis Susan van den Braak, Herre van Oostendorp, Gerard Vreeswijk and Henry Prakken

Towards an Argument Game for Stable Semantics Martin Caminada and Yining Wu. 

Representing and appraising Toulmin model arguments in trust cases Janusz Górski, Łukasz Cyra, Olek Jarzębowicz and Jakub Miler. 

On Shifting the Target in an Argumentative Discourse Helmut Horacek

Presenting Arguments as Fictive Dialogue Paul Piwek

Showing unconcern - A persuasive strategy to win the electors’ trust Isabella Poggi and Laura Vincze

Argumentation in good news communication on genetic breast cancer. The experience of OPERA. Sara Rubinelli, Peter Schulz and Paolo Paolini. 

Towards an Arguing Agents Competition: Building on Argumento Tangming Yuan, Jenny Schulze, Joseph Devereux and Chris Reed

Towards An Arguing Agents Competition: Architectural Considerations Simon Wells, Paweł Łozinski and Minh Nhat Pham